Below are our community guidelines and rules for our Facebook groups.  These rules apply to ALL Facebook groups admin’ed by Troop Leader Central. Some groups have additional rules, specific to them.  Those additional rules are listed below.

1. RESPECT is REQUIRED in ALL exchanges between members.

This includes, but is not limited to: no shaming of any kind, no personal attacks, no disrespectful language. There is ZERO TOLERANCE for bullying, attacking, or escalating fights. There is ZERO TOLERANCE for disrespecting or degrading any race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc. If you take part in any of these you will be removed from the group.

Every member has the option to “scroll on” – you do not have to comment on every post. Please remember – the written word is easy to misunderstand; tone is very hard to convey in writing. We should assume the best and not the worse of each other. If someone has a different view, we should not take it as a personal attack. We should also take the time to choose our words carefully. Do your best to resolve differences quickly and respectfully; including blocking the member(s) involved and reporting posts to admins.

Examples of bullying or attacking behavior include, but are not limited to:
a. The reposting of screenshots from previously deleted posts, conversations, etc., in our community & in other forums in an attempt to bring harm to the OP.
b. Name Calling
c. Extreme sarcasm or condescending responses

2. All posts should be girl youth group focused.

Everything goes here. We do not censor topics but rather welcome adult conversation on all issues that affect us as leaders and our troops. All posts should be youth group related.

Links shared without text will be deleted.  When sharing links, please include some text & caption the post to make it relevant to our group.

3. No Selling.

There should be no buying and selling in our groups- except in Girl Scout Leader Shop – Buy & Sell (unofficial).

This includes, NO SELLING, BUYING, or MARKETING Girl Scout cookies and candy. These items can not be sold anywhere in our community; not even in Girl Scout Leader Shop – Buy & Sell (unofficial). Do not ask to buy, offer to sell, or swap cookies or candies within our groups. This includes posting your online sales links, offering to email a link, letting group members know you have cookies that you are willing to sell to them, etc. Our group members are not your potential customers. No marketing or advertising your cookie or candy sales in our community in any capacity.

4. No Spam

No Fundraising, Gofundme links, Square links, affiliate links, prayer requests, donation requests, giveaways, card sending campaigns, petitions, off-site ‘‘Vote for Me’ links, off-site surveys, or ‘see how many likes I can get’ type posts. Please, nothing that could be considered spammy.

*Square links are allowed in Girl Scout Cookie Chat (& Fall Sale – Magazines & Candy) (unofficial) in the designated group thread found in the announcement group tab.

5. Self-Promotion/Name Dropping.

Do not post in our group to promote your business or to drive traffic to your blog, website, Facebook page/group, social media account, etc. Self promotion is only allowed in designated admin initiated threads or on Fridays. #FreeForAllFriday

6. No ‘exchanges’.

This includes requests for Pen Pals, Flat Juliettes, SWAPS, postcards, etc.  Exchange posts are only allowed in Girl Scouts Exchange -SWAPS, Flat Juliettes, PostCards, PenPals.

7. Intellectual Property

Please follow Facebook community standards regarding intellectual property. Do not upload copyrighted documents to our group files. Links and shout-outs to companies and pages not in-line with Facebook standards may be deleted.

8. Viral Posts & Game-like Party Posts & Memes

Open ended game-like posts or memes may have comments turned off after awhile if they are preventing other posts from being seen.

Viral Posts & links may be deleted if they have already been shared in the group.

9. Do not spam our group members.

Do not reach out to group members via Messenger unless they have personally requested you to do so. Unsolicited direct/personal messages (PMs) are spam. Our member list is not a marketing list.  Using our group member list to send unsolicited emails, PMs, requests, FB invites, etc. is spam. If you receive spam from a group member, please notify Troop Leader Central.

10. Disinformation & Misinformation

Disinformation will be deleted. Merriam-Webster defines ‘disinformation’ as “false information deliberately and often covertly spread (as by the planting of rumors) in order to influence public opinion or obscure the truth.”

Misinformation may be deleted. Misinformation is defined as “incorrect or misleading information.” We will review these posts on a case-by-case basis and delete as needed.

Links to fake news sites will be deleted without notice.

11. “Admin please contact me.”

Don’t post this in the group. If you need to contact an admin or moderator, please check the member list for current admins and moderators.  Send a direct message thru Messenger (PM) or to Troop Leader Central.

12. “Admin, if not allowed please delete post.”

Don’t include this phrase in your posts. This phrase is a spam red flag! Posts stating this will be deleted, you may be muted, and possibly removed from group. If you think your post may not be allowed – do not post it! Send Troop Leader Central a message on facebook regarding the appropriateness of your post first. Using the above banned phrase shows a lack of respect for our community. It’s viewed as meaning ‘I’m not willing to put in the time to read group rules to decide if my post is appropriate. I expect others to do the work for me.’

13. DO NOT DISRESPECT OR BLOCK the admins or moderators.

We are able to tell who has blocked us & we can still see your posts even if blocked. Blocking an admin just prevents YOU from seeing OUR announcements & posts. If you block us, you will be removed from the group.  Posts containing links & shout-outs to profiles, pages, groups, companies, etc. that have our admins or moderators blocked will also deleted.

14. Deleted Posts/Comments & Muting

Posts that go against group guidelines will be deleted without notice. When your post has to be deleted you may be muted (unable to post or comment in group) for a preset time frame and put on post-approval (posts will need approval before shown in group.) The ‘muting’ is done to help draw your attention to the fact that you need to review group guidelines.  If your post is deleted- Do not repost the same thing in a new thread. Do not post “Why was my post deleted” in a new thread. If your post was deleted it’s because it violated our group guidelines and rules.  You will generally receive a notification from Facebook when and why a post was deleted.