Earn the Girl Scout Cadette First Aid Badge Online!

Earn the Cadette First Aid Badge Virtually!

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Earn the Cadette First Aid Badge Online

Many Girl Scout Badges can be earned virtually.  Follow along with the program below and earn the Girl Scout Cadette First Aid Badge.

For more virtual badge earning opportunities, join the Facebook group Virtual Girl Scout Badges & More (unofficial) and Girl Scouts – Leader Chat.

Steps to Earn the Cadette First Aid Badge

Step 1: Understand how to care for younger children.
Step 2: Know how to use everything in a first aid kit.
Step 3: Find out how to prevent serious outdoor injuries.
Step 4: Know the signs of shock and know how to treat it.
Step 5: Learn to prevent and treat injuries due to weather.

Supplies Needed

  • Notebook
  • First Aid Kit (optional)
  • Baby Doll (optional)

Girl Scouts EWNI has put together a great program for Girl Scout Cadettes to earn their First Aid Badge virtually.  The videos below will cover all 5 steps in earning the Cadette First Aid Badge.  Use this slide show to follow along with the video.

Step 1: Understand How to Care for Younger Children (Cadette First Aid)

The first part of this step is to watch a video about babysitting and first aid for children.  Learn what to do if there were a fire, a weather emergency, how to care for a cute, splinter, lost tooth, bee sting, nosebleed, broken bone, burn, choking, and many more scenarios you may encounter while caring for a child.

Now it’s time to hear from an expert in the medical community about caring for young children.  Meet Christy a former Girls Scout, currently working as a Nurse Practitioner and learn how she has used her skills to care for children and her recommendations for babysitters.

Step 2: Know How to Use Everything in a First Aid Kit (Cadette First Aid)

How to use everything in your first aid kit is covered in the first video by GSEWNI. After reviewing the video, head over to The American Red Cross and read up on the Anatomy of a First Aid Kit.

It’s a great idea to have a first aid kit in hand while following along with the instructor, but if you do have one that’s fine too.  We recommend this 148 piece first aid kit by Mounchain.  This affordable kit includes all the basics in a great carry case.  You may want to add a first aid guide into your kit also. Urgent First Aid Guide with CPR & AED is a pocketsize book that will easily fit inside most first aid kits.

Practice using your first aid kit supplies on a doll.

Step 3: Find Out How to Prevent Serious Outdoor Injuries (Cadette First Aid)

Meet Louise, a volunteer with the Grand Canyon’s Preventive Search and Rescue (PSAR) team.  PSAR educate visitors on the extreme conditions in the Grand Canyon and provides support to those people who need help while hiking the canyon.

Step 4: Know the Signs of Shock and Know How to Treat It (Cadette First Aid)

Learn what causes shock, signs of being in shock, and the proper response when someone is in shock.  Follow along with this paramedic trainer in the video below.  Keep in mind that the video is from the UK, so the emergency phones numbers given are not correct in the US.  In the US, the emergency number is 911.

Step 5: Learn to Prevent and Treat Injuries Due to Weather (Cadette First Aid)

In this video, Bob Franck a paramedic with the Redondo Beach Fire Department will go over basic first aid techniques again, hypothermia, and heat exhaustion.

Yeah! You Just Earned the Cadette First Aid Badge!

Congratulations! Now you know strategies to help prevent injuries and how to handle emergency situations.

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