How To Earn the Girl Scout Brownie Computer Expert Badge Online!

Earn the Brownie Computer Expert Badge!

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Earn the Brownie Computer Expert Badge Online

Many Girl Scout Badges can be earned virtually and independently earned at home with the help of online resources.  Follow along with the program below and earn the Girl Scout Brownie Computer Expert Badge online.

More virtual badge earning opportunities are posted here weekly and in the Facebook group Virtual Girl Scout Badges & More (unofficial) and Girl Scouts – Leader Chat.

Steps to Earn the Brownie Computer Expert Badge

Step 1: Paint or draw with an art program.
Step 2: Find some cool facts.
Step 3: Take a trip online.
Step 4: Make a connection.
Step 5: Have more computer fun.

Supplies Needed

  • Computer, Tablet, or Smartphone with internet access

Girl Scouts EWNI has put together a step by step instructional video to help Girl Scout Brownies earn their Computer Expert Badge virtually.  You’ll learn how to do many useful things on the computer with this program.

Before starting this badge, make sure you have taken the Internet Safety Pledge.

Step 1: Paint or Draw With an Art Program (Brownie Computer Expert)

Use Microsoft Paint or and create an art masterpiece.

Check out this video to learn how to use

Step 2: Find Some Cool Facts (Brownie Computer Expert)

Using a search engine, try Google or Bing, do some research on an animal that you want to learn more about.  Read articles, watch videos, and check out some images.

Now create a list in a word processing program of 5 interesting things you learned about your animal.

Step 3: Take a Trip Online (Brownie Computer Expert)

Learn how to use Google Maps.  Type your address in the search bar and find your home.  Try to find your house from above with Satellite View and see if you can find your house with Street View.  Now try searching for your school.

Now that you know how to use Google Maps, it’s time to take a virtual tour of a famous place.

Check out the White House, explore the Great Pyramid of Giza, visit the Smithsonian American Art Museum, and visit the Adélie Penguins at Cape Royds, Antarctica.

Step 4: Make a connection (Brownie Computer Expert)

Send an email to someone; maybe a friend, family member, troop leader.  For even more fun, make a connection with a Girl Scout across the country! Have a parent or an adult join the Facebook group Girl Scouts Exchange -SWAPS, Flat Juliettes, PostCards, PenPals and help find a virtual pen pal for you.

What should you write about?  Maybe send an email about your animal research or send a picture of your computer artwork.

Step 5: Have more computer fun (Brownie Computer Expert)

Use the computer to listen to music.  Learn how to make a play list of at least five songs that you want to listen to; using Spotify, YouTube, Windows Media Player, iTunes, or Apple Music.

Now use your playlist to have an at home dance party!

Yeah! You Just Earned the Brownie Computer Expert Badge!

Congratulations! You now know lots of ways to have fun using a computer.

Now that you are a computer expert,  use the internet to find other Brownie badges you would like to earn. New Brownie badge programs are added weekly here.

Additional Resources

Share your computer artwork with Troop Leader Central! Tag Troop Leader Central on Facebook. Use #TroopLeaderCentral if posting your art on Instagram. Or send us an email with your pics. Let us know if we can share your artwork with our community here and on our social media. Hopefully others will be inspired to learn how to create computer artwork after seeing yours.  We can’t wait to see your artwork!

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