Pancake Challenge – Fun Patch Program

Grab Your Mixer & Get Ready For a Culinary Journey!

A thin flat cake prepared with batter made from milk, eggs, flour, & oil; variations of pancakes can be found in almost every culture.  Pancakes date back more than 30,000 years; possibly the oldest breakfast food in history – but pancakes are not just a breakfast food, they can be eaten any time.  They’re one of the most widely known comfort foods and millions of people enjoy them every year.

Explore all things pancakes with the tlc Patch Program – Pancakes Challenge!

The Pancake Challenge fun patch program is broken down into 4 sections: Pancakes – Arts & Crafts – People & Places – Fun & Games.  The full fun patch program is available as a free download here.

To earn this fun patch, I recommend completing the following amount of activities, based on grade:

  • Pre-K – Complete one ‘Pancake’ activity and one more activity of your choice.
  • K thru 1st – Complete one ‘Pancake’ activity, one ‘People & Places’ activity, and 1 more activity of your choice.
  • 2nd thru 3rd – Complete one activity from each of the four sections.
  • 4th thru 5th – Complete one activity from each of the four sections, and one activity of your choice.
  • 6th thru 8th – Complete one activity from each of the four sections, and two activities of your choice.
  • 9th thru 12th – Complete one activity from each of the four sections, and three activities of your choice.

These are just our recommendations for earning this patch. These are suggestions so you can adapt the program as needed to meet the needs of your troop. Develop your own activities and projects. Sky’s the limit!

Interactive Patch Program Sheets

I’ve made these interactive program sheets to help link you to how-to’s, recipes, and activities to complete the program.  Just click on an activity suggestion and you’ll be linked to a resource to help.

Check out the Idea Files for more program ideas and free Pancake Printables to use along with this fun patch program.  For even more ideas, visit our Pancake Challenge board on Pinterest; don’t forget to follow us!

When you’re done with the tlc Patch Program, don’t forget to print about a completion certificate and reward your troop with the Pancake Challenge fun patch.