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Water Conservation

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Water Conservation Gold Award Project

The Gold Award is the highest achievement to be earned within the Girl Scouts of the USA; earned by Girl Scout Seniors and Ambassador.

To earn to Gold Award, the Girl Scout must identify a root cause of a pressing issue in their community, create a sustainable solution, and take action to make the world a better place.  This project requires a minimum of 80 hours of work in planning and completing the project.

Isabel, a Girl Scout Senior in GSWCF Troop 33101 is tackling the issue of water conservation for her Gold Award.

Follow Isabel’s journey to Gold by joining her Facebook group Water Conservation GS Project.

Learn more about why and how we can conserve water with this PowerPoint presentation Isabel has created.

“The main issue that I’ve based my project around is water conservation, making our local GS Camp Dorothy Thomas more water efficient and educating the public about this issue. Feel free to join me as we try to make the world a better place by ensuring there will be enough water for future generations to survive and thrive. Together we can each save a drop a day.”

Water Efficient Showerheads

Isabel is working to get Camp Dorothy Thomas (CDT), her local camp more water efficient by switching to water efficient showerheads, placing shower timers in the showers, and installing a rain barrel by the lodge.  Working with Southwest Florida Water Management District, she was able to secure the showerheads and timers needed for CDT.

Along with the improvements made to CDT, Isabel is hard at work creating educational materials for scouts about water conservation.  You’ll also find her at the local Lowes, educating the general public on her project.  Check out the great brochure she created.

Working on your Bronze, Silver, or Gold Award? Share your project with Troop Leader Central.


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